Where to find demo content for your WordPress website

Where to find demo content for your WordPress website
3 ways to create, upload & import demo content in WordPress

If you'd prefer to have some demo content on your WordPress web site, there ar primarily 3 other ways to try and do therefore. First, you may simply quickly produce some (sample) posts, categories, pages, etc. by yourself. Second, you may import demo content in WordPress through XML files and third, you may install a plugin that provides demo content. Let’s examine every approach thoroughly.

  • Create sample content by yourself
  • Import demo content with XML files
  • WordPress plugins for sample content

1 – Create sample content by yourself

In our opinion making some demo content by yourself is perhaps the simplest and cleanest resolution. typically you recognize best what number posts, categories, pages, etc. you may specifically would like for your web site to create your layout work of course. when you quickly have created some dummy content, you'll be able to by selection delete or replace it presently along with your own real content.
Publishing Posts, Pages, Categories…

Creating sample posts (Sample Post one, 2, 3…), sample classes (Category A, B, C…) and sample pages (Home, Archive, Contact…) are often done quickly and solely takes a couple of minutes. If you wish dummy text, you may copy and paste a couple of hundered words of "Lorem Ipsum" text into your articles.
Uploading featured images

When it involves pictures, most WordPress themes these days create use of featured pictures. just in case you haven’t uploaded featured pictures for your posts however, several WordPress themes sometimes show image placeholders rather than pictures on archives or at intervals custom widgets.
If you'd wish to replace the image placeholders with some real pictures and just in case you don’t have appropriate pictures at hand, you may use free pictures that are printed beneath a free license to be used on your WordPress website: ten Image Sources For Your WordPress web site Or journal.

2 – Import demo content with XML files

Another approach to urge demo content on your WordPress web site is by importation XML files with sample content. you'll be able to import XML files in your WordPress dashboard beneath Tools => Import and so choose WordPress to put in the WordPress bourgeois plugin.

In case you don’t have a demo content XML file, you may for instance use the WordPress.org theme unit take a look at information that is usually conjointly being employed by WordPress developers to check the output of their WordPress themes. or else you may transfer the XML file we’ve created which has some sample posts, pages, categories, menus and tags – use at your own responsibility.

Important: Please detain mind that uploading XML files to your WordPress web site typically simply ends up in some sample content, that is useful just in case your web site doesn’t have content however. XML files typically won’t pay attention of the complete web site configuration for you.

If you’re mistreatment WordPress themes by MH Themes, the front page layout of your web site typically is predicated on widgets and these widgets can’t be placed by uploading an everyday XML file. To set up your widgetized front page properly, you'll be able to realize all necessary info within the theme documentation of your explicit WordPress theme.

3 – WordPress plugins for sample content

While performing some analysis, we've got solely found only a few plugins within the official WordPress plugin directory which offer demo content for your web site, e.g. Faker Press or WP Example Content. Before victimization plugins for demo content, certify that you just apprehend precisely what the actual plugin will and can’t do. you ought to additionally check if the plugin is supported consequently, compatible together with your current WordPress version and well rated – before you put in and use it on your web site.


As you’ve learned during this article, there primarily ar three ways that to feature demo content to your WordPress web site. that choice you decide on is up to you and invariably depends on your personal needs and your expertise in making WordPress websites. making your own (sample) content is done simply at once, however would possibly take to a small degree effort.
Importing demo content through XML files sometimes may be a faster approach, but you must check that you recognize precisely what's being foreign to your web site to forestall gathering unneeded content. The third answer would be the plugin approach, however as already mentioned, here you must use caution and awake to the plugin practicality, otherwise you may expertise surprising problems or maybe loss of knowledge once you delete content through the actual plugin.

In general the most effective approach extremely depends on the character of the web site you’re running. whereas commerce demo content for a business web site with less content is smart, it always doesn’t build a lot of sense to import dozens of demo posts for a magazine web site as a result of you wish to exchange or delete all the content later on which may be a waste of your time. therein case sometimes it might be higher to easily begin making your own content to require your web site to succeeding level.

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